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Read Dr. Wolff's article in Expectant Mothers “Chiropractic for A Well-Adjusted Birth,” Dr. Wolff’s article in Expectant Mother’s GuideFrom pre-conception to birth – Dr. Wolff explains how chiropractic care can help both mother and baby. He also explains the Webster Technique, chiropractic for early and advanced pregnancy, and he addresses many questions and concerns mother’s have about pediatric chiropratics.
3 Goals, 3 Phases of Chiropractic Wellness Three Goals, Three Phases of Chiropractic Wellness Care
Learn about the three phases and goals of chiropractic care, and what to expect when you begin the path to better health. Your treatment program, phases of treatment and what to expect, and how to maintain wellness once we achieve that goal.
5 Reasons Bodies Prefer Better Health Five Reasons Bodies Prefer Better Health Feeling overworked, overstressed, overly tired and worn out? You run your body ragged on a daily basis, so your body needs the Better Health Center to help rejuvenate, straighten out, and bring your body back to its optimal function. Read the five reasons why bodies prefer better health.
How to create a successful life How to Create a Successful Life After studying in China, John Amaro, DC, writes about the ancient philosophies known as “Breath of the Dragon,”and how to implement these “laws of life” to create success in your own life.