Nutritional Evaluation, Metabolic Assessment & Counseling

The Better Health Center is now offering an expanded version of our Nutrition Program.

Nutritional Analysis and PlanningThroughout the 27 years of practice here at the Better Health Center we have received repeated inquiries from patients looking for someone who can help evaluate their nutritional status and guide them towards better health. Patients complain that they are told by their medical doctors that everything is normal until they are, one day, in a full blown disease state. In many cases, patients can sense when things are not right well before they are medically diagnosed.

More and more of us are beginning to realize that the key to health and longevity is proaction (prevention and maintenance) rather than reaction (cut, burn, poison). Patients are in need of advice and direction in dietary changes that could help them prevent the onset and/or progression of disease processes with which their friends and family are more frequently plagued.

Health and well being should not be taken for granted. It is a prize worthy of every effort. Achieving, maintaining and excelling in health is as much the result of motivation and drive as it is the expertise of those who help us in our path to better health.

In attempts to accommodate this increased demand, we are now accepting five new nutritional cases per week. The time and energy required to fully evaluate and develop the best plan of action is significant, yet necessary. Appointments are filling fast prior to this announcement as many of my active patients are presently reaping the benefits. My utmost commitment is to see that you achieve your goals in a speedy manner. My staff and I are here to support you and care for your health issues in a special way.

We have done extensive research and investigation over the past 23 years of practice in order to put together a team of experts that will support our efforts to achieve results for you and fulfill our commitment to excellence here at the Better Health Center. Diagnostic testing, including but not limited to blood, urine, saliva, stool, etc….will be utilized as is indicated by the state of health in which the patient presents. This commitment to Better Health is supported by the use of cutting edge technologies rooted in the science based nutritional approaches which are leading the complementary and holistic health fields.


  1. First you will be given a health evaluation including a metabolic assessment questionnaire that will help determine the level of diagnostic testing that you require.
  2. The Better Health Center will order the test(s) for you; you will pay for the cost of the test here, and go to a Labcorp drawing center. For your convenience we can locate the drawing center nearest you.
  3. When we receive the lab results, I will analyze the findings and we will call you to set up your first nutritional counseling session. A food diary of your intake from the previous week would be helpful at this point to help address dietary changes that may be indicated.
  4. During the initial nutrition visit, I will explain your blood work results as well as make recommendations for diet and supplements. I will use applied kinesiology to test the compatibility of the supplements for you, as well as rule out any foods that you may be allergic to during this first phase of the diet.
  5. After 21 days, you will have a follow up appointment to check your progress, supplements and food sensitivities.
  6. 8-10 weeks after your initial visit, we may order a repeat of your blood work. When these results are in, your 3rd appointment will be scheduled. I will review the findings as well as make any indicated changes to your diet and supplements.


$250 – for the initial nutritional counseling appointment complete with report of findings and the 21 day follow up appointment.  Due upon the ordering of your blood work.

$199 + $6.95 –  venipuncture fee for the blood draw.  The lab work is ordered through our office, but paid directly to LabCorp.

$75 – for any additional visits to discuss your nutritional concerns or to rule out food sensitivities.  If these visits include a     chiropractic adjustment and/or acupuncture the nutrition fee will be $40.

$125* – for a second blood draw, if required eight weeks or more from date of first blood draw, this fee covers the new report of findings and the accompanying visit.  There will also be another charge, to LabCorp, of $199 + $6.95* venipuncture fee for the blood test.

Pricing for the supplements varies from patient to patient.

We know that you have a choice, and would like to continue to earn your trust for years to come.