Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Michael J. Wolff – Family Chiropractics & Wellness Care – Better Health for Your Entire Family

Dr. Michael J. Wolff, D.C., FIACA, FICPA

Dr. Wolff, Chiropractor, Northwest HoustonDr. Wolff was born in Galveston, Texas in 1964, and completed his secondary education in Tomball, Texas. He currently lives in Spring, Texas with his family.


  • 1984 – UT-Austin
  • 1988 – Texas Chiropractic College, Pasadena, Texas

Post-Graduate Studies:

From 1989 to 1991, Dr. Wolff lived in Phoenix, Arizona, where he worked with his early mentor, Dr. Bob Martin, a nationally syndicated talk show host and chiropractic nutritionist.

After returning from Arizona in 1991, Dr. Wolff completed his certification in Clinical Nutrition at Texas Chiropractic College.

  • 1992 – Clinical Nutrition Certification, Texas Chiropractic College
  • 1996 – U.S. Accreditation in Acupuncture, Texas Chiropractic College
  • 1997 – International Accreditation in Acupuncture from IACA
  • 2000 – Pediatric Fellowship from ICPA at Parker College in Dallas, Texas

State License:

  • State License 1988 – Doctor of Chiropractic, Texas, License #5058
  • Doctor of Chiropractic 1989, Arizona, License #04624

Professional Organizations:

  • Fellow International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture
  • Fellow International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • Member, Alliance for Holistic Family Health & Wellness
  • Holistic Pediatric Association

Personal & Family

Dr. Wolff and his lovely wife Jennifer are the proud parents of five children: Lauren, Christopher, Brennan, Trey, and Jacob. Lauren was a pitocin-induced forcep delivery, Christopher was hospitalized at 18 months and was nearly an immunization fatality, while Brennan, Trey, and Jacob were born at home with no allopathic intervention.

Life is full of lessons.

After over 20 years of experience in chiropractic, acupuncture, pediatrics, and nutrition, Dr. Wolff continues to study to expand his awareness and abilities in many areas of holistic healthcare.

He was taught by a master, many years ago, that “In order to be the master, you must always be the student – the moment you truly believe you are the master, you have no chance at being one.”

So, study on.

“We believe in what we present at this office,” he says, “and make it a way of life in our home.”