Five Reasons Bodies Prefer Better Health

5 Reasons Why Bodies Prefer Better HealthBodies have it rough. They’re overworked, overstressed, and generally run ragged. They need Better Health Center because, of all the ways to rejuvenate a burned-out body, some of the best are right here.

1. Chiropractic

A clinical study was conducted of the first 100 patients sent to a Chiropractic Center by AV MED, the largest medical health maintenance organization in the southeastern part of the United States. The results are outlined below:

Prior to Chiropractic Adjustments:

  • 80 out of 100 patients were treated medically, seeing an average of 1.6 MD’s without results
  • 17 were medically diagnosed as having disc problems
  • 12 were diagnosed as needing disc surgery

After Chiropractic Adjustments:

  • 86% had their ailments corrected
  • None required surgery. None were made worse.

Herbert Davis, M.D., medical director of AV MED and author of the study, concluded that the Chiropractic adjustments saved AV MED $250,000 in surgical costs. He admitted that since he was initially a skeptic, the study proved t him to be a real “eye opening experience” on the effectiveness of chiropractic.

2. Nutrition

Proper nutrition and weight control are important for good health. Nutritional blood testing may help to identify any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A blood test could also help to pinpoint any organ or glad weakness requiring Nutritional support. Instant Vitamin C and Zinc tests are also available. Take some of the guess work out of swallowing your way to Better Health!

3. Massage

Put your knotted body in the hands of one of our certified massage therapists, and feel what it means to really get the kinds worked out. Our therapeutic massage is one of the best ways to relieve physical and emotional tension.

4. Acu-Point – Stimulation and Balancing

A modern non-invasive electronic form of Acupuncture. Every body deserves to experience what it feels like to be in perfect tune.

5. Physio-Therapy

Calming passive mobilization of muscles, ligaments and bones can help enhance the body’s healing process. From daily stress or strain to bad chairs, frequent jerks and jolts, these are but a few of the everyday occurrences that need straightening out.


  • Have frequent headaches or dizziness
  • Feel overly tired or weak
  • Suffer neck or back pain
  • Get recurrent colds or flu
  • Have insomnia or bad dreams
  • Fight to control your weight
  • Wonder which vitamins to take
  • Want to know the best exercises
  • Experience digestive difficulty
  • Have menstrual problems, PMS

If any of these ring your bell…then you should ring ours. You need the caring staff of Better Health Center.

– Source: Dr. Robert Martin, Chiropractic Physician, Clinical Nutrition Health Expert